Canna is originally a tropical plant, and therefore likes lots of sun. The rhizomes produce large and impressive leaves with beautiful ornate flowers.
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Summer Flowering Canna Bulbs


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Cannas are one of the most tropical looking flowering plants in our collection of summer bulbs. Canna is sometimes also referred to as Indian shot or Canna Lily, although it is not a true Lily. Cannas are the only genus in the Cannaceae family. It is said that the name Canna originates from the Celtic word for a cane or reed. Cannas are also agricultural plants and, as their rhizomes are rich in starch.
Cannas are ideal for those who like tropical-looking gardens but don’t live in the tropics. Canna Hybrids have mostly been developed by growers in temperate areas so they will do well in most European gardens, provided there is on average at least half a day of good sunlight during summer. Not only do Cannas produce beautiful flowers in many different colours (mainly in various shades of red, orange, pink and yellow), their (often multicoloured) foliage also comes in many stunning variations.
In general, most cultivated Canna hybrids tend to be somewhat smaller on average than the wild species, which are native to the (sub) tropical part of the New World (from the Southern USA to Northern Argentina). In warmer climates Canna rhizomes naturalise well, but in colder climates (such as northern Europe) Cannas, being tender plants, will have to be protected from the cold of winter. Cannas are not frost-hardy.

Planting Canna bulbs

Cannas are equally well suited for the garden and for (large) pots and containers. Cannas like lots of sun (at least half a day) and lots of water. Plant them in spring in fertile soil at a depth of 10cm and at least 30cm apart. Deadhead to encourage continued flowering throughout the summer and make sure they receive enough water during dry spells.
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