With a name like Bulbs & beyond it was always a matter of time before products other than flower bulbs would be part of the online catalogue.  As of February 2016, customers will also be able to shop from a large range of garden seeds, including vegetable seeds, flower seeds and herb seeds.

Bulbs & beyond has elected to offer a large selection of top quality seeds under the “Sluis Garden” brand. “Sluis Garden” is the main brand of one of the best-known seed companies in the world, Garden Seeds B.V. from Enkhuizen in the north of Holland.  Enkhuizen is sometimes referred to in the seed business as “Seed Valley”.  Garden Seeds has been trading for over 30 years, and started out as a 100% subsidiary of the renowned “Royal Sluis” company.  Since 2001 however, the company has been fully independent following a buy-out. 

From the start we will be offering a large selection of around 80 varieties of garden seeds.  These will include some of the most popular vegetable seeds, fruit plant seeds, herb seeds, and flower seeds.  Flower seeds will consist mainly of annual seeds, but we will also carry a number of perennial seed varieties.

In particular for our edible product ranges, it is very important for customers to know where the seeds that they are sowing comes from.  We are of the opinion that no garden seeds for hobby gardeners and culinary enthusiasts should ever have been genetically modified or chemically treated.  We are therefore only offering 100% GMO free seeds in our online catalogue. 

Furthermore, in our flower seed range we are including several organic bee and butterfly friendly seed mixtures.  These seed mixtures are rich in pollen and nectar, and therefore provide a great environment for our beloved pollinating insects.  It is well-known that in recent years, bees and butterflies have had a difficult time and accordingly, their numbers have dwindled significantly.  Hopefully by sowing these seeds, we can all do our bit to help reverse the declining trend in bee and butterfly numbers.

One thing that we are particularly keen on is caring for the environment and of course our own health.  To this end, we are pleased to see that a growing number of garden seeds on offer are certified as organic or “EKO” seeds.  These organic seeds are cultivated, cleaned and packaged according to strictly controlled biological methods.  Seeds carrying the EKO label are certified by the Dutch organic control authority, Stichting SKAL. Sluis Garden Seeds is registered with SKAL under number 026035/NL-BIO-01. 

As much as we love and promote the organic seed products, of paramount importance remain of course the quality and reliability of the seeds.  Therefore, we only elect to offer EKO seeds that are proven to be equal or better than regular seeds.  Rest assured though that none of the “regular” seeds in our online catalogue are genetically modified or chemically disinfected garden seeds.

For more information on our garden seeds or indeed flower bulbs, please contact Edward Pennings via info@bulbsandbeyond.com