Below we highlight 10 spring flowering bulbs from our collection to tell you about some our favourite flower bulbs of this season. 

We’re sure some gardeners will have different favourites, so if this were the case, we would love to hear from you!  Feel free to let us know your favourites via and we will choose 3 entries, which will receive a free (!!!) €15/£15 Bulbs & beyond gift card to be spent at for the summer bulb season!

Here’s our list:



10. Daffodil Thalia

            We like this beautiful pure white multi-headed trumpet daffodil for a number of reasons.  It has been around for a very long time going back to Victorian times when it was extremely popular.  Its popularity waned for a while but this little gem is now firmly back in favour again.  It has a lovely fragrance, yet squirrels and deer tend to ignore it.  It is also not a demanding bulb as it is happy in pretty much all places.  It flowers in March/April and does well in borders, rockeries and also under deciduous trees.  It especially looks great when planted in big swathes. Furthermore, it is a good cut flower and very suitable for forcing.  Looks really nice with blue Grape Hyacinth “Armeniacum

9. Tulip Estella Rijnveld

            This exotic looking parrot tulip is a real showstopper with its large and beautiful bright red and creamy white feathery petals with a touch of green thrown in for extra effect.  We have yet to find a garden where this dazzling beauty would not make the neighbours red with envy in late spring.  It’s at number 9 but could well have been in the top 3 if it was up to some Bulbs & beyond staff.

8. Amaryllis Red Pearl

            Red Pearl is one of the darkest Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) around.  It has (multiple) very rich velvety red flowers on a strong stem.  We hoped there would be at least one indoor flower bulb in the top 10 and luckily with this one there is.  It is not technically just a spring flowering bulb, as many people buy the easy to grow Amaryllis to show a colourful indoor display of flowers at Christmas.  This impressive and exclusive looking bulb is becoming a very popular gift.  Amaryllis Red Pearl is quite rare and can sometimes prove somewhat difficult to source.

7. Hyacinth Woodstock

            We particularly like this hyacinth with its dark beetroot magenta colour.  As one of the darkest available hyacinths it is a favourite flower bulb for mixing (looks especially nice combined with yellow Hyacinth “City of Haarlem”).  It fills the air with a lovely sweet, heady fragrance so plant them along paths or near the patio where you can enjoy the heady scent.  This hyacinth has a very large flower head with densely packed florets.  It is an easy flower to please and will grow in almost any type of garden soil. 

6. Anemone St. Brigid

            We like this colourful mix of double flowered Anemones so much we think everyone should be able to enjoy it.  For that reason, we are running a special offer giving them away for free with orders over EUR 50!  They are simply one of the happiest flowers to look at and for that alone it thoroughly deserves to be in the top 10 of most popular bulbs.

5. Allium Giganteum

            The Allium Giganteum is the giant amongst the giants. It is hard not to be impressed by the sheer size of this ornamental onion plant that reaches up to 150cm.  It is a perennial and will gratefully come back year after year if left alone.  Its large and showy spectacular ball-shaped flowers made up of masses of tiny bright purple florets can reach 20cm in diameter.  It can be used as a cut flower and also works well as a dried flower.  The leaves smell like onions when bruised.  This giant creates most impact in groups of at least 6 or more. Also looks great together with white Allium “Mount Everest”.

4. Crocus mixed (large-flowered)

            We realise this piece is about top 10 popular flower bulbs and yet again we present a mix at number 4.  However, witnessing the appearance of the various colours of this Crocus mix in large groups of several hundred bulbs (or corms to be precise) is simply one of the best ways to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring.  They only need a few days of sunshine to burst into flower, and when they do it is a truly spectacular sight.  Crocus is great for naturalising and if left alone, they will return in abundance year after year. 

3. Daffodil Dutch Master

            It may not be the most exotic daffodil around but this magnificent yellow trumpet is one of the, if not the, best all-round classic Daffodil available.  It has a large golden trumpet and star-shaped, slightly drawn forward petals.  This perennial bulb grows almost anywhere and combines well with many other bulbs.   It really looks best in larger groups of at least 20 bulbs.  When people think of Daffodils, this is the one that comes to mind first.

2. Hyacinth Delft Blue

            Flower bulbs don’t come any more “Dutch” than this old time favourite.  Hyacinth Delft Blue gets its name from that other, world famous Dutch export, Delft Blue Pottery.  This is a clear blue hyacinth, which is highly fragrant and one of the best-loved spring flowering bulbs.  Its combination of fragrance and bright and vibrant colour simply cannot be matched. Delft Blue Hyacinth flowers in mid-spring for several weeks and performs extremely well in borders and containers.  Looks stunning next to white Hyacinth "Aiolos".

1. Tulip World’s Favourite

            This is our number one popular spring flowering bulb! Don’t just take our word for it; the name already suggests that this is a true favourite of many.  This is a big Darwin Hybrid Tulip with long lasting flowers and strong stems.  It has beautiful orange/scarlet petals with narrow gold/yellow edges that bloom for up to 3 weeks in mid-spring.  It combines well with other bold colours but particularly blends well with other Darwin Hybrids such as the yellow Tulip "Conqueror". Tulip World’s Favourite is excellent for mass planting in borders and as cut flower.

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