As with previous seasons, we thought we share with you what we believe seem to be the most popular summer bulbs at the moment.  Our (non-scientific) observations have lead to the following list of five popular summer-flowering bulbs:

Crocosmia Lucifer

The perennial Crocosmia, or Montbretia as it is also known as, is this year again one of the best selling summer bulbs (corms) in our catalogue.  In terms of value for money, not many plants can compete with Crocosmias.  You plant them once and they will come back year after year in ever greater numbers.  Crocosmia corms are the perfect naturalisers.  Provided they are planted in well-drained soil, they are low maintenance and thrive in full sun, but also in places with partial shade.  Try planting crocosmias near Lavender bushes for stunning colour combinations. We currently offer three varieties of Crocosmia.  The lovely two-toned orange Emily McKenzie, the yellow George Davison and of course the most popular of them all, Crocosmia Lucifer.

Begonia (all of them)

Begonias are doing really well this year.  The tubers that we have on sale this season are looking incredibly big and healthy, which promises some stunning flowers this summer.  Sales of both double-flowered Begonias and Cascade Begonias are up quite a bit compared to last year.  Begonias are versatile plants and provided they are planted in well-drained soil, will do well in both full sunlight and in the shadier areas of your garden.  When planted in borders, we prefer to see them planted by colour, but in containers, mixes look very playful and happy indeed.  Check out our large range of Begonias and get them while they are still available!

Dahlia Kennemerland

Reserving a sunny spot in your garden for this magnificent yellow Cactus Dahlia is not going to lead to any regrets.  This lovely plant can grow to four feet and produces masses of immensely bright huge yellow flowers.  Cut off dead flowers and you will enjoy new ones over and over again until the first frosts arrive.  Do check for snails and insects from time to time as those creatures like these showy plants as well.  Given the size of these Dahlias, plant the (very large) tubers at least 30cm apart so that they have enough space to flourish.  Dahlia Kennemerland also looks fantastic as a cut flower in a large vase.

Gladiolus Oscar

We don’t know what it is, but large dark red flowers seem to be a hit with gardeners year after year.  This year we have increased the size of the large-flowered Gladioli corms we sell from 12/14 to 14/16, without increasing the price of these majestic plants.  This ensures that you will get even more value and flower for your money than before.  Do make sure that you plant the Gladiolus corms in full sunlight to ensure sturdy stems with the largest possible flowers.  One of the reasons Gladioli continue to be popular is the fact that they look stunning in a vase. 

Zantedeschia Mix

This year our Zantedeschia rhizomes (also known as Callas or Arums) are of such great size and quality that with some varieties, we could not even get our regular (already large) size anymore.  Instead some of them have grown so big that we are now offering 2 sizes bigger than normal in those varieties (of course we have not raised the price).  Bigger rhizomes mean bigger plants and flowers so we did not complain when they arrived in our warehouse.  We just hope that you appreciate this bonus and not be disappointed with those varieties that have shown a more regular and perfectly fine growth pattern, but are now being dwarfed by their supersized cousins!  Callas are one of our favourite summer flowering bulbs, and when we can’t choose between the various colours we have on offer, we find that the mixture is a great compromise.