Flower bulbs for spring 2015 are now for sale again and are currently finding there way to gardens across Europe.  We are already seeing some trends developing in terms of what is “hot” this season and thought it would be interesting to share this.

So far on the popularity scale we are finding the following bulbs:

5.         Fritillaria Imperialis Lutea (Crown Imperial)

This yellow crown imperial “Lutea” is doing extremely well so far this season and seems to have taken over as most popular fritillaria bulb from its equally stunning red cousin fritillaria “Rubra”, which was the stand-out last season.  Bulbs & beyond offers yellow, orange and red fritillaries in minimum bulb sizes of 20/24.  The imposing plants reach an average height of around 100cm and flower abundantly in April.

Although some may find the scent of crown imperial bulbs somewhat disturbing when unpacking them, their distinctive scent does in fact have some “free” benefits, in that it is said to keep mice and moles away.  In any case, the bulbs may not smell like roses but this doesn’t mean they are not healthy. 

We are not surprised at all that this regal looking plant is again one of the most popular spring bulb varieties this year.  If it were up to us, every garden across Europe and the UK should have these magnificent flowering bulbs in some of the most prominent spots for everyone to admire.

4.         Crocus Mix (large-flowering)   

This Dutch Crocus Mix is a perennial favourite for many gardeners.  These colourful harbingers of spring are one of the first to appear in late winter / early spring.  Often when snow is still on the ground in February and March, these happy flowers are the first to brighten borders and lawns. 

Crocus corms are some of the easiest spring bulbs you can get.  They truly are “plant and forget” and will naturalise extremely well, spread freely and will come back with bright colours year after year.  Crocuses are easy bulbs, doing equally well in both full sun and shadier areas.  They definitely look their best when planted in large numbers.  Bulbs & beyond offers large-flowering Dutch Crocuses in minimum bulb size 7/8. 

3.         Tulip Pink Impression         

Darwin Hybrid tulip “Pink Impression” is one the strongest pink tulips bulbs around.  These are long-lasting large tulips that flower in April and often into early May. Their blooms are big and ensure a stunning display of bright pink flowers.  As a Darwin Hybrid, this tulip reaches an impressive 50-60cm in height.  It does well in full sun but also tolerates shady areas.

Tulip Pink Impression is also great as cut flower, as it has extremely sturdy stems.  Bulbs & beyond offers tulip bulbs in top size 12/+, ensuring the largest possible flowers in spring.  Note that these top size tulips deliver much more impressive plants than the smaller bulb sizes that are sometimes offered at slightly lower prices.  Remember that with flower bulbs, size matters!

2.         Allium Purple Sensation

This perennial allium (ornamental onion) has been one of the most popular alliums for years.  It is not difficult to understand why. It is the most affordably priced and widely available “large” allium bulb.  It reaches a height of 80-100cm and produces lovely long-lasting spherical umbels of countless star-shaped purple flowers with a diameter of 8-12cm in May and June.  The blooms are smaller than those of its much bigger, but more expensive, cousins allium “Gladiator” and allium “Giganteum”.

Allium Purple Sensation is great for naturalising and will come back for many years if left undisturbed.  Bulbs & beyond offers this allium bulb in size 12/14, which will ensure stunning flowers.  If you, like many gardeners, prefer alliums in large numbers then this one is probably the best value for money.

1.         Hyacinth Mix 

This year the hyacinth is back!  Last year was relatively slow for hyacinth bulbs, but so far this season people seem to have rediscovered these most delightfully scented flowers.  We have always loved hyacinths, not just because of their wonderful fragrance that makes sitting out on the patio a delight, but also because of their truly magnificent thick spikes bearing amazingly large, densely packed flower clusters.

Bulbs & beyond offers one of the largest online ranges of hyacinth bulbs in almost all colours.  We offer hyacinths in large bulb size 16/17. This ensures massive flowers, creating spectacular colour displays in April.  Particularly popular varieties this year are Delft Blue, Pink Surprise, Woodstock and the snow-white Aiolos.  However, the hyacinth mixed colour collection is currently the absolute favourite.

Note that dry hyacinth bulbs can sometimes cause a light skin irritation (a harmless itchy sensation).  So when you unpack the bulbs and plant them without gloves and feel a slight itch, just rinse it off with warm water and the discomfort should quickly disappear.  Remember: scratching makes it worse! 


The above-mentioned spring bulbs appear to be some of the “hottest” flower bulbs so far this season.  Clearly this is not a scientifically researched list or probably even statistically significant in any way, so the list may very well change over the coming weeks.  

Whatever your preference, we invite you to browse our online bulb catalogue at www.bulbsandbeyond.com at your leisure and look forward to supplying you with the best quality flower bulbs in the coming months.  If you have any questions or suggestions about our bulb catalogue or anything else we can assist with the please contact us at info@bulbsandbeyond.com.