Sparaxis ( Harlequin Flower )
Sparaxis, as with our other mixes, provide a colourful scene in your garden.
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Spring Flowering Sparaxis (Harlequin Flower) Bulbs

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Sparaxis (Harlequin flower) are, like Freesias, a genus in the Iridaceae family. Sparaxis are, like many flowers, native to South Africa (Cape Province to be more precise). Sparaxis is also referred to as Sparaxis Tricolor.
Sparaxis bulbs (or rather Sparaxis corms) can be planted in late autumn as well as in spring with flowers in late spring (May-July). When planting in spring, wait until all signs of frost have passed. Depending on when planted, our Sparaxis mixture produces an amazing amount of colours from late spring to mid summer.
Harlequin flowers are primarily grown for their dainty spikes of star-shaped purple, red, orange, pink and with flowers. Bulbs & beyond offers a lovely colourful mix of Sparaxis Tricolor bulbs, which, when in bloom, makes you happy just looking at them. Sparaxis reach around 25cm in height and work equally well as cut flower.

Planting Sparaxis bulbs

Sparaxis are ideal for those gardeners who don’t particularly like hard work in the garden. Planting Sparaxis bulbs is about as easy as it gets. They only need to be planted about 5-8cm deep and around 10cm apart. If you you don’t like digging, you could even poke these bulbs into ground with your fingers! Being from sunny South Africa, Sparaxis likes to be in full sun to thrive optimally. It is also important to find a spot with well-drained relatively fertile soil.
Tip: Sparaxis Tricolor or Harlequin flowers are excellent cut flowers so try to create some space in your garden where you can plant some extra corms for cutting. Space the planting in intervals of 7-10 days and you’ll have lovely, joyful flowers in your house for a prolonged period of time.
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