Tiger Lily (Tigridia Pavonia)

Tiger Lily
Our mix of beautiful colours, gives your garden a beautiful exotic look.
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Summer Flowering Tigridia (Tiger Lily) Bulbs


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Tigridia Pavonia or Tiger Lily is included in the Iridaceae family. Unlike many others of this family, the Tigridia does not come from South Africa but from Mexico. Tigridias are known by a number of additional common names, such as “Peacock flower”, “Peacock tiger flower”, “Aztec lily”, “Mexican shell flower”, and “Tiger flower”.
Tiger Lily bulbs are tender summer annuals and therefore not frost-hardy. This exotic Mexican bulb comes in many startling colour combinations (yellow, red, pink, white, orange and mauve), and at Bulbs & beyond we have chosen to offer this lovely flower in a colourful mixture. We just find that this looks best in the garden, especially when planted in large numbers.
The lovely exotic and colourful blooms of Tiger lilies open early in the morning and close again at the end of the day. Tigridia Pavonia produces individual blooms in succession. The attractive bright green foliage is sword-shaped, with leaves growing between to 25-30cm length. The flowers usually reach 45 to 60cm in height (sometimes little higher even).

Planting Tigridia Pavonia bulbs

As (sub) tropical bulbs, Tigridia Pavonia likes lots of full sun. Sunlight encourages continued flowering. Tigridia bulbs can be planted from March to May at a depth of around 8-10cm and 10-15cm apart in well-drained moist soil. Tiger lilies normally flower from July to October (depending on when the bulbs are planted).
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