Nerine Bowdenii (Guernsey Lily)

Nerine Bowdenii
Nerine, also known as Guernsey Lily, is a lily-like flower that blooms in late summer. Each bulb produces a single stem with multiple light pink flowers, which smell delicious.
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Summer Flowering Nerine Bowdenii (Guernsey Lily) Bulbs


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Nerine Bowdenii is an herbaceous bulbous perennial and belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family. It is another native of South Africa. Nerine Bowdenii produce large umbels of funnel-shaped, lily-like pink flowers on erect leafless stems in late summer and autumn. Its strap-shaped green leaves appear after the flowers. Nerine Bowdenii was named in 1904 after Athelstan Hall Cornish-Bowden (1871-1942), who had sent Nerine bulbs to England from South Africa.
Nerine Bowdenii is also sometimes referred to as “Cape flower”, “Guernsey lily”, “Kaffa lily” and “Bowden Cornish lily”. Nerine Bowdenii bulbs like to be crowded and bloom best when planted in groups, preferably in a place where they will not be disturbed for several years. Nerine Bowdenii bulbs are quite hardy, but don’t like lots of water or very humid weather. The plant originates from arid habitats so try to find it a well-drained relatively dry position in the sun.
Nerine Bowdenii is one of the best late-flowering bulbs to provide extra autumn colour to your garden. Its lovely pink cluster of 5 to 10 flowers that bloom well into autumn are a welcome addition to any summer flowering garden. Nerine bulbs also produce excellent cut flowers. Leaves normally appear after the flowers and will continue to provide for foliage long after other summer flowering plants have died down. Please note that Nerines may sometimes need a season to settle before flowers appear.

Planting Nerine Bowdenii bulbs

Nerine Bowdenii are perennial flowering plants that should be planted at a dept of 10cm between March and May and will bloom in late summer/ early autumn. They will reach a height of 50-60cm. The bulbs should be planted in groups, 15cm apart. Left alone, they will form clumps and will come back following their dormant early summer period. As mentioned earlier, Nerine Bowdenii should be positioned in full sun in very well-drained soil.
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