Ixia has a star-shaped flower and is best suited in a colourful mix, which we have created for you.
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Summer Flowering Ixia Bulbs


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Ixia is another summer flowering cormous plant native to the Cape Provinces of South Africa from the Iridaceae family. Ixias are sometimes also known as Corn Lily, African Corn Lily and Wand Flower. Ixias have sword-like green leaves, and long thin stems with multiple star-shaped flowers.
Ixias flower from late spring through to summer and produce masses of flowers. At Bulbs & beyond we offer a lovely, colourful mixture of Ixia corms that looks great in any border or container. Ixia or Corn Lily also make for excellent cut flowers.
Ixias are ideal for hot dry climates. Ixias (Corn Lilies) love full sunlight, but they dislike getting their leaves and flowers too wet. This can sometimes make it a little challenging to find the best spot in the garden. Perhaps growing Ixia under roof overhangs or other perennials where there is still enough sunlight could be a good compromise. The greatest visual impact will be created if you plant Ixias in groups of at least 20 (more is even better).

Planting Ixia bulbs (corms)

Ixia should be planted from March to May after the frost has disappeared. Ixias (Corn Lilies) can produce masses of flowers for you to enjoy from July to September. The corms should be planted only around 6-8cm deep and around 5-8cm apart. Make sure that the soil is well-drained, as Ixia bulbs are not keen on lots of water.
Tip: Plant some extra Ixia corms in the back of the garden to be used for cut-flowers. They have a good vase life and the colourful mix will be a very happy addition to any room in the house.
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