Lilies are beautiful flowers with an exotic look. They work equally well in the garden and as pot plants. Lilies are also ideal as cut flowers, so you can also enjoy them in a vase. The species that we have selected for you are asiatic lilies and oriental lilies.
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Summer Flowering Lily Bulbs


Buy Lily bulbs (Lilium) online from Bulbs & beyond!

Lilies are one of the most versatile and exotic looking summer-flowering bulbs. The botanic name for the Lily is Lilium, which is a member of the Liliaceae family. Most lily species are native to temperate (including subtropical) regions of the northern hemisphere. Lilium is a “true lily” as opposed to many other plants that have “lily” in their common name but are not true lilies.
Along with Dahlias and Gladioli, Lilies are one of the most popular summer bulbs from Holland. Lilies look equally stunning in the garden, as pot plants, or as cut flowers in a large vase. Lilies look especially nice when planted in clusters of larger numbers.
When buying Lily bulbs online at Bulbs & beyond, you can choose from a large selection of Lily bulbs of the Asiatic Lily and Oriental Lily varieties. We offer some of the most popular Lily bulbs such as the lovely “Lily Red Alert” and yellow “Lily Dazzle”, as well as the classic soft white “Lily Ercolano”. However, we also offer some more exclusive varieties. Please take some time to browse our Asiatic Lily bulbs and Oriental Lily bulbs on offer.

Planting Lily Bulbs

Once you have bought your Lily bulbs online, please ensure that you open the box upon receipt so that the bulbs can “breathe”. Lily bulbs should be planted in April or May at a depth of around 15cm and around 20cm apart in well drained soil. Lilies like to be watered during the growing season. Please be mindful not to plant your Lily bulbs in an overly windy spot as they are quite tall (80-120cm) and prefer a spot slightly more protected against the elements (for example near a fence or row of shrubs). Lilies love sunlight but also tolerate part shade so are very easy and forgiving, even for the novice gardener.
Tip: Please be aware that asiatic lilies and oriental lilies are toxic to cats.
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