The gladiolus, also known as sword lily, is one of the three most popular summer bloomers. They can be used both in the garden and as cut flowers in a vase. We have created a selection of beautiful colours for you. You can also choose a colour mix of nanus, or baby gladiolus, which is a smaller version of the large-flowered gladiolus.
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Summer Flowering Gladiolus Bulbs


Buying Gladiolus bulbs (corms) online is easy at Bulbs & beyond!

Gladiolus (plural Gladioli) is part of the Iridaceae family and most species are native to South Africa. The commercial Gladioli hybrid corms are generally not hardy in temperate climates. The Gladiolus is also referred to as sword lily because its leaves have the shape of a sword (such as a small Roman sword, which was referred to as Gladiolus).
The majestic Gladiolus (Sword Lily) features prominently in many summer gardens, and for good reason! The large and colourful Gladiolus is ideal for planting near a fence or behind lower perennials or other summer flowering bulbs such as for example the equally exotic Zantedeschia, or even the more familiar Crocosmia. Gladioli come in many colours so there are endless opportunities to experiment with different combinations.
Gladiolus bulbs or rather Gladiolus corms are one of the most popular summer flowering bulbs from Holland. The large-flowered Gladiolus, also called “Sword Lily”, looks even more stunning when planted in somewhat larger groups of 20 or even more. Bulbs & beyond also offers the smaller Nanus Gladiolus in an exiting colour mixture. Nanus Gladiolus, or “baby Gladiolus” reaches a height of around 65cm or just over half the size of its large-flowered cousin.

Planting Gladiolus corms

Once you have bought your Gladiolus bulbs online, please ensure that you open the box upon receipt so that the corms can “breathe”. Gladiolus bulbs can be planted from March until May at a depth of around 10cm and around 15cm apart in well-drained rich soil. Please note that Gladiolus corms are not frost resistant so plant after the risk of frost has passed. Because of their height of up to 125cm, Gladioli are ideal for planting at the back of your garden beds. Gladiolus bulbs should be planted in a sunny spot, sheltered from the wind.
Tip: Plant some extra Gladiolus bulbs in the back of your garden to use as cut flower for indoors in a (large) vase. If you stagger the planting somewhat you will continue to have beautiful flowers for many weeks!
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