Begonias can brighten up your garden with their vivid colours. A single tuber can produce an abundance of flowers. The cascade begonias are ideal for pots and hanging baskets.
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Summer Flowering Begonia Bulbs


Buy Begonias online at Bulbs & beyond to fill this season’s pots and hanging baskets!

Although most people (including us at Bulbs & beyond) often refer to Begonia bulbs, botanically speaking Begonias are tubers and not bulbs. Begonias are part of the Begoniaceae family.
Begonias originally come from tropical and subtropical regions so the various hybrids we offer at Bulbs & beyond are classed as summer bulbs. Begonia bulbs do not tolerate (night) frost so only plant them when the risk of frost has past (later in spring for most of northern Europe). Especially when planted in containers or baskets even light frost can be dangerous.
We offer a variety of colours in both our Begonia selections of Cascade (or “hanging”) Begonias and Double flowered Begonias. Our Cascade Begonias come in orange, red and white, and our beautiful double flowered Begonias come in orange, red, pink, white and yellow. Ample opportunities to mix and match!
Although Begonias can be planted in the garden and in borders (in particular the double flowered Begonias), many end up in containers, pots and hanging baskets. Especially Cascade Begonias look great in hanging baskets and pots. When planting Begonias, make sure that that the risk of frost has passed (usually April/May depending on the region).

Planting Begonias

Begonia tubers should be planted with the hollow side up and the roots downwards. Planting depth is only 2-4cm and the distance between the plants should be around 20cm (Begonias produce a lot of foliage). Make sure your Begonias are planted in well-drained soil, not too wet and not too dry. Especially when planted in baskets or containers, check regularly to ensure that the soil does not dry out completely. Begonias like sunlight (although not the entire day in the blazing sun) and tolerate shade as well, so are quite versatile plants.
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