Freesias brighten up your garden with their beautiful vivid colours and wonderful scents. They are available with both single and double flowers.

Spring Flowering Freesia bulbs


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Freesias are one of the most popular cut flowers available. Their unrivalled longevity and lovely fragrance are simply irresistible. Freesias are therefore often found in wedding bouquets.
Freesia bulbs are native to South Africa and were introduced to Europe in the eighteenth century. Freesias were named after German botanist Frederick Freese by a South African collector of plants. At several points in its early history Freesia corms were mistakenly placed in the wrong genus (They are said to have been wrongly classified as part of the Gladiolus and Ixis family). Since the nineteenth century, Freesia hybrids belong to the Iridaceae family.
Freesia bulbs or rather Freesia corms can be planted in autumn for spring flowers, as well as in spring for summer flowers. Bulbs & beyond offers lovely colour mixtures of both the single-flowered Freesia, and double-flowered Freesia varieties in its spring bulb, as well as its summer bulb collections.
People love the heavenly fragrance of Freesias, but unfortunately so do Squirrels and some other (sometimes unwanted) garden visitors. Therefore, when planting Freesia corms in the garden or in pots outside, take preventative measures such as covering the soil with for example some chicken wire.

Planting Freesia bulbs

Freesia corms can be planted in well-drained soil by simply spreading them in a shallow hole of around 5-8cm deep and spaced approximately 10cm apart. Freesias prefer a sunny position but will tolerate partial shade.
Tip: Plant some extra Freesia corms in the back of the garden (in a sufficiently sunny spot) at biweekly intervals to ensure continued supply of cut flowers. Vase life can extend to over two weeks when cut in bud.
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