Hyacinths with tulips and daffodils are the most famous spring bloomers, and are known for their elegance and wonderful smells. We have selected a wide choice of colours for you. Beautiful hyacinths were also royally present in the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding bouquet!
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Spring Flowering Hyacinth Bulbs


Buy Hyacinth bulbs (Hyacinthus Orientalis) online from Bulbs & beyond!

Hyacinthus Orientalis, or Dutch Hyacinth, is a hardy flowering bulbous plant from the Asparagaceae family (subfamily: Scilloideae), native to southwestern Asia and parts of the Middle East. The Hyacinth bulb was introduced to Europe in the 16th century where Dutch growers later started cultivating and hybridizing this spring-flowering bulb commercially. Blooming Hyacinths have one of the loveliest fragrances of any flower and have become symbolic of spring gardens. In France, Hyacinths are also used in perfumery.
Hyacinths provide spectacular colour displays for spring gardens in April. The strong, wonderful fragrance of hyacinths is simply unmatched by anything else you may have planted in your garden. Hyacinth bulbs produce four to six linear green leaves and one, but sometimes two or even three, thick spikes bearing large, densely packed flower clusters (florets).
Although Hyacinths are sometimes labeled as perennial plants, in reality it is best to treat them as annuals. Flower quality normally falls off significantly in subsequent years if bulbs are left in the ground, as superior flower quality is due to the treatment fresh bulbs receive post-harvest from the specialised grower in Holland. Hyacinths are also popular as indoor bulbs often blooming in time for Christmas through a process known as “forcing”, whereby the bulbs are induced to flower earlier than their natural season. These forced bulbs are referred to as “prepared” hyacinth bulbs.
Hyacinths grow to around 25cm in height and work equally well in borders and patio pots/containers. Bulbs & beyond offers one of the largest online ranges of Hyacinth bulbs. Whichever colour you prefer, we are sure to have something that suits your taste.

Planting Hyacinth bulbs

Hyacinth bulbs can be planted from September to December in well-drained soil at a depth and distance of 15cm. Hyacinths like full sun, but tolerate partial shade. When handling Hyacinth bulbs please note that dust particles on the bulb can cause temporary skin irritation (a rather annoying itching sensation). Washing the skin with warm water can easily treat it, but it should be noted that scratching makes it worse as this would just spread the particles. It is best therefore to wear gloves when handling the bulbs.
Tip: Plant your Hyacinths near the house or patio so you can enjoy their lovely fragrance the most.
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