Fritillaria Imperialis

Fritillaria Imperialis is also known as the Crown Imperial, and together with allium, amaryllis and hyacinth gives a luxurious feel to your spring planting. Because of their length and special flower shape they are guaranteed eye-catchers in your garden.

Spring Flowering Fritillaria (Crown Imperial) Bulbs


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Fritilliaria Imperialis, also known by its common name of “Crown Imperial”, is a species of flowering plant of the genus Fritillaria and part of the Liliaceae family. Fritillaria bulbs are native to a large area of southwestern Asia, from the Kurdistan region all the way to the Himalayan foothills. Fritillaria bulbs are hardy herbaceous perennials and are easy to grow, even for the most novice gardener! Fritillaries are extremely well suited for woodland plantings as well as rock gardens.
The stately Fritillaria Imperialis is probably the most dramatic of all spring-flowering bulbs, and can grow to over 100cm in height. The Latin meaning for “Imperialis” is actually (and fittingly) “showy”. Especially when planted in larger numbers, the Crown Imperial is one of the most imposing sights in any garden. Its long erect stems bear lance-shaped green leaves at intervals, atop which arises a large umbel of bell-shaped flowers that hang from a crown of tufted foliage. Bulbs & beyond offers the Crown Imperial in the colours orange (“Fritillaria Aurora”), red (“Fritillaria Rubra”) and yellow (“Fritillaria Lutea”). 

Planting Fritillaria bulbs

Fritillaria bulbs are extremely fragile so they need to be handled with great care when taking out of their packaging and when planting. Once they are in the ground they are actually fairly low maintenance. Fritillarias are best planted in fertile, well-drained soil between September and November at a depth of 20cm and 30cm apart. Crown Imperials love sunlight and therefore a spot in full sun is a must.
Tip: The Fritillaria bulb and the plant itself have a distinct and strong scent, which works wonders in keeping moles, mice and other rodents away. Some gardeners would simply say that Crown Imperials stink, so if you are put off by the scent then don’t put them near your front door!
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