Amaryllis is ideal as an indoor pot plant. Our chosen larger bulb size ensures several flowers per bulb. Plant a bulb in October, and you will have flowers in your home at Christmas.
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Indoor Amaryllis Bulbs


Buy Amaryllis bulbs (Hippeastrum) online at Bulbs & beyond to brighten up your living room!

Amaryllis bulbs (or rather Hippeastrum bulbs) are part of the Amaryllidaceae family and are extremely easy to grow indoors. They offer large rewards for surprising small efforts. It only takes about around six weeks for flowers to arrive. Each sturdy Amaryllis stem carries multiple large trumpet-like flowers that simply look stunning on a table or in the windowsill.
Bulbs & beyond offers a broad selection of Amaryllis bulbs, both single and double flowered varieties. Although the common name “Amaryllis” continues to be used predominantly, the more correct botanical name for these by origin South American plants is “Hippeastrum”.
All Amaryllis bulbs we offer in our online store have been programmed to flower within around 6 weeks of planting. This makes it a very reliable and popular Christmas flowering bulb, but this plant is equally well suited to brighten up your home around Valentine’s Day and Easter. This is why we offer the popular indoor Amaryllis bulb in both our spring and summer bulb seasons.

Planting Amaryllis/Hippeastrum bulbs

As Amaryllis or Hippeastrum bulbs are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Latin America, these large bulbous flowers are for indoor growing. The bulbs are tender and should not be exposed to frost. Only in the more temperate climate of southern Europe can one plant these large but tender bulbs in the garden.
When planting Amaryllis bulbs in a pot indoors, ensure that one third of the bulb is visible above the surface of the soil. The pot should be well-drained (use a pot with a hole in bottom and put some gravel or coarse shards under fresh compost so that excess water can drain freely). After planting, Amaryllis bulbs require some light watering until the leaves and buds emerge. When the plant starts growing, keep it in a well-lit place water only moderately to keep the soil moist as overwatering can cause the bulb to rot.
Tip: Amaryllis is also great as a cut flower, with several stems in a large vase looking absolutely stunning and majestic on a large table.
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