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Buy garden seeds online from Bulbs & beyond


Buying garden seeds online is now super easy. Bulbs & beyond has teamed up with Sluis Garden Seeds B.V., one of the largest, highly respected, and best-known garden seed companies in Europe. In our webshop you will find a large range of the best quality garden seeds online.

Under the Sluis Garden brand we are offering a wide selection of top quality garden seeds, including flower seeds, vegetable seeds, fruit plant seeds and herb seeds.

Buy flower seeds online

We have selected a good selection of flower seeds, predominantly annual varieties, but also biannual and perennial varieties. We also offer a lovely organic bee and butterfly mix, rich in pollen and nectar. Bees and butterflies have had a rough time in recent years, and with sowing these seeds you can do your part in giving these lovely colourful pollinating insects a place to feel at home and help reverse the worrying decline in their numbers.

Buy vegetable seeds online

Our vegetable and fruit plant seeds covers almost all popular garden seed varieties. More and more people grow their own vegetables and fruits in their vegetable garden. Growing your own vegetables is a great way to save money and also a fun way to teach children where their food comes from. Children love to choose and sow vegetables seeds, and then watch them germinate and grow into real and healthy lunch and dinners.

By sowing your own vegetable and fruit seeds you also always know where your food comes from. It is always reassuring to know that when you put home grown fruit and vegetables on the table, you are certain they have not been exposed to chemicals and pesticides.

Buy herb seeds online

Herb gardening is an increasingly popular activity with both gardeners and culinary enthusiasts. Growing your own kitchen herbs in your garden, or creating a herb garden in a greenhouse or kitchen is easy. With our large range of herb seeds you will be able to freshly season all your favourite dishes in healthy and rewarding way.

GMO Free garden seeds

All Sluis Garden Seeds offered by Bulbs & beyond are 100% GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) free. This means that the DNA of NONE of the seeds we offer has been manipulated. In addition to none of the garden seeds in our range having been genetically engineered, no pesticides/insecticides or other chemicals have been used. Both Bulbs & beyond and Sluis Garden believe that garden seeds for the recreational gardener should never be genetically modified, disinfected, or otherwise chemically treated.

Organic garden seeds

A growing number of our garden seeds are organic seeds. Certified biological or BIO seeds (also referred to as EKO seeds) are cultivated, cleaned and packaged in accordance with stringently controlled biological methods. These seeds are checked and certified by the organic control authority SKAL. SKAL is dedicated to proving the reliability of organic products, and the only organic control agency in The Netherlands, assigned by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Sluis branded EKO garden seeds in our catalogue are registered under number 026035/NL-BIO-01.

Biological / organic seeds are seeds, which are harvested from plants that have been grown without the use of any chemicals, fertilisers or otherwise environmentally unfriendly applications. As seed quality and reliability are paramount, we would always make sure that we offer only those BIO/EKO seeds, which have proven to be of equal or better quality than our regular (non- genetically modified / non-disinfected) garden seeds.

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