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Customer data

What happens to my personal data?

Bulbs and beyond is very happy with you as a customer and your privacy is of great importance to us.  Therefore all your personal information will be treated as fully confidential.  For more information, please refer to our privacy policy.

How can I order?

We've made it as easy as possible for you to order in our web shop.  If you want to purchase one or more of the products, just follow the steps, which are common to most web stores.   At any given point during the ordering process you can take a step back or even cancel the process all together. 

I cannot log into my account. What should I do?

It is possible that you have misspelled your password or username or Caps Lock on the keyboard is on. It may also be that you have not activated your password. This can be activated again via the link that was sent to your email.  If you have already tried these options and still cannot login, you can request to have a new password sent to your email again.

My password does not work. How do I fix this?

You can request a new password and use that to log in.  It is recommended that you change your password after you first logged in, to something that is easy for you to remember.


Cultural questions

When do spring bulbs and summer bulbs flower?

Spring flowering bulbs are planted in the months of September to December, and generally bloom in the period from March to May.  Summer flowering bulbs are planted in the months of March to June and generally bloom in the months of July to September.  Flower time is of course dependent on the actual planting date and the weather.

When do I plant my bulbs?

Bulbs & beyond delivers the bulbs at the right planting time so basically you plant your bulbs as soon as possible after receiving them. Please keep an eye on the weather however and plant the spring bulbs before frost appears, and wait until the risk of (night) frost has disappeared before planting the summer bulbs.

How should I store bulbs?

Remove the bulbs from the packaging immediately upon receipt (or at least open the packaging).  If it is necessary to store the bulbs for a short period of time, then do so in a dry, ventilated place, which is also frost-free.  The best approach remains to plant the bulbs as soon as possible after receipt.

How do I plant my bulbs?

Always try to make sure that when planting the top of the bulb is facing up, and the roots down.  Two rules of thumb with regard to planting depth and spacing are:

Depth = 2 x the height of the bulb

Distance = 2 x the width of the bulb

For further information please refer to the planting instructions.

Can I plant bulbs in a pot?

Many bulbs are suitable for both garden and pots or containers. Please remember to make sure the pot is properly drained, more about this in the planting instructions.  Remember also that when planted in pots or containers, frost not only enters from the top but also from the sides so the bulbs are more exposed to potential frost damage.  During longer periods of (severe) frost it is therefore important to insulate the pot or container or move it inside.  Some bulbs are more suitable for pots however than others, more information can be found in the specific product characteristics.

Do bulbs need water?

If the soil is moist during planting, it is not necessary to provide extra water. When planting the bulbs in dry soil then it is advisable to water them properly so that they can produce healthy roots.

Do bulbs need fertilization?

All bulbs supplied by Bulbs & beyond come from professional Dutch bulb growers. These growers have ensured that the bulbs contain enough energy to produce flowers for the following season.  If you choose bulbs for naturalization, then it may be wise to fertilize for continued healthy flowering in subsequent seasons.

What are naturalized or perennial bulbs?

If specified in the product characteristics, that a bulb is suitable for naturalization, then this means you do not have to remove it from the garden after flowering. You simply leave it in the ground, and the next year it will flower again.  Very often the bulbs will self seed and spread. Read more in the "Garden tips" on how best to deal with the foliage after flowering time.  If your garden is susceptible to frost in winter, you should try to cover the planted area insulating material (such as straw or mulch). Most bulbs do not withstand severe frost.

Will my bulbs come up again next year?

Most bulbs will display flowers the second year after planting.  However, the quality of the flowers of most bulbs will be much lower, and the risk of frost damage is certainly also present. Exceptions are the species described as suitable for naturalization.

Is it harmful if snow falls on bulbs that have already come out of the ground?

Not really.  Most bulbs tolerate cold weather quite well, as long as the roots are well developed and healthy.

How can I protect my bulbs from deer and rodents?

A number of wild animals like to eat certain species of planted bulbs.  You can protect the bulbs to some extent by covering the planted area with for example chicken wire.

Until when can I plant my bulbs?

Spring bulbs can, when the weather permits, be planted until late in December. However, the bulbs prefer to be in the ground well before the frost arrives, so they can produce good roots and thus are better able to withstand temperatures below zero. Summer bulbs can best be planted before June, because if you wait too long, you will have no flowers in the summer.  In general however, it is best to plant your bulbs as soon as possible after receipt.

Some bulb species like Fritillaria and Allium have a strong smell.  Are they rotten?

The strong smell of these bulbs is normal and certainly does not mean that the bulbs are rotten. It even has an advantage because the smell of Fritillaria usually keeps moles and mice away from your garden.



What are the delivery charges?

The delivery charges calculated by Bulbs and beyond depend on the country from which you order, and in certain cases the total amount of the order.  For more information on delivery charges we refer you delivery charges.

Can I have my order delivered to someone else at a different address?

Sure you can. If you want to have your order delivered to someone else or just at a different address then simply follow the ordering process and fill in the appropriate delivery address information.  We can send your bulbs to any address as long as it is within our delivery area.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We deliver the bulbs when it is the appropriate time to plant them.  Spring bulbs will be dispatched from September to late November/early December. Summer bulbs will be dispatched from March to late May/early June. We will send you an email when we dispatch your order, after which you can follow the progress through track and trace. 

What should I do once I have received my order?

You should unpack your bulbs immediately upon receipt (to allow them to “breathe”) and plant them preferably as soon as possible.  Remember, we will send you the bulbs at the appropriate planting time.  Please keep an eye on the weather however and plant the spring bulbs before frost appears, and wait until the risk of (night) frost has disappeared before planting the summer bulbs.


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